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K–12 Means Enhancing the Curriculum

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K–12 Means Enhancing the Curriculum

By Merlina B. Aguirre,

Teacher III

Capiz National High School Roxas City


The K -12 Program is, for me, not just adding two more years to basic education cycle. More importantly, it is enhancing the basic education curriculum so that Filipino graduates would be at par with their counterparts worldwide. K-12 means Kindergarten and the 12 years of elementary and secondary education.


Kindergarten points to the 5-year old child who undertakes the standardized curriculum for preschoolers, Elementary education refers to 6 years of primary school (Grades 1-6) while secondary education means four years of junior high school. In addition to this, two more years are now allotted for senior high school. I fully agree with the DepEd that now is the time to start the program. Time is running out and we are the few countries in the world that are left with the 10-year basic education cycle. We need this K-12 to provide a quality 12-year basic education program through an enhance curriculum.


Indeed, there is an urgent need to enhance the quality of basic education in our country as seen in the education outcomes of Filipino students and the comparative disadvantage of the Philippines with regard to other countries. The Philippines was the only country in Asia and among the three remaining countries in the world that uses a 10-year basic education cycle. According to a presentation made by the South East Asian Ministers of Education Organization on additional years in Philippine Basic Education (2010), the comparative data on duration of Basic and Pre-University Education in Asia shows that the Philippines allots 10 years not just for the basic education cycle but also for the pre-university education while other countries have either 11 or 12 years in their basic education cycle.



Clearly, it was only proper that the Philippines had revised its education curriculum to make it at par with the universal standard. Otherwise, we shall be forever left behind with education breakthroughs. With the K-12, we shall finally produce globally competitive graduates who can proudly stand side by side with their peers, confident that they have been armed with the best education possible by their government.

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