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Making Students Proficient in English

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Making Students Proficient in English

By Merlina B. Aguirre,

Teacher III Capiz

National High School Roxas City


Teaching English has been quite a challenge to me, especially that the language has truly become widely used worldwide. The Philippines is said to be the third largest English –speaking country in the world. I guess this is the advantage of Filipinos. Wherever we go, we can easily express ourselves by being proficient in the English language. As a teacher handling the English subject, it is my duty to see to it that my students understand the subject matter very well.


It is not enough though that they are proficient in writing using English; they must also be well verse in speaking the language. Nowadays, when call centers proliferate around us, the need for our graduates to be good in English has become quite indispensable. Indeed, proficient and skilled use of the English language can enhance career prospects, allowing one to achieve success in business and can open up lots of opportunities. One’s mastery of the English language is an edge especially when it comes to business matters and trade.


You would be able to conduct business transactions, write and respond to documents such as: e-mails, memos, contracts, agreements and reports. One of the greatest advantages of being proficient in English is that your career prospects and employment opportunities can vastly increase. People who can speak English fluently are highly sought after by companies of many types, including international companies.


When seeking work, proficiency and confidence in speaking and understanding English can put one at a distinct advantage. Moreover, with the world becoming so close and more connected, opportunities to travel and explore different parts of the world are more available. As a result of having studied English, travelers are better able to communicate. In terms of academia, English is the language most commonly spoken by academics worldwide.


Some important research and work occurs in all countries and in a variety of languages, but the vast majority tends to have been conducted, composed and published with the English languages as is basis. Having good command of the English language then is an asset in today’s era. Most of our dealings nowadays require the use of the English language. On my part, I am happy that I am given the chance to teach the English language. Maybe, the bigger fulfillment would be seeing my students someday using the language skillfully and fluently.

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