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The Need of Red Cross Youth in Schools

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The Need of Red Cross Youth in Schools


By Daniel Ariel Agascon

HT-I, Roxas City Division


I am not a member of nor familiar of RCYC services but after research and talked to one persons with are knowledgeable about it, I am convinced that schools should establish this organization with a purpose and longing of helping others. With so many things happened in our surroundings, children in their young age as in kindergarten should already manifest interest in acquiring basic knowledge of protecting their personal likes against any harmful element that could ruin them.


We could no longer control the ever increasing problem of our surroundings but we should be knowledgeable enough and prepared for any consequences that sometimes attack our weakest point. The establishment of RCYC in every school, will help teachers, administrators and parents as well to feel secure and relax when their pupils/children are away from them. Humanitarian services, healthy lifestyle, enhancement leadership skills and even friendship are some of the benefits of RCYC that will lead a pupil for a wholesome development. Aside from school, its services should reach out barangay units so that it will benefit more.


Since education for all is the primary goal of the Department of Education nowadays, then the community should be involve also for an effective and functional program. Schools will become the center and this will enable everyone to participate more, If we try to think of it, citizens with knowledge of survival techniques are those could also become successful in their later lives.


If citizens will have the chance of protecting themselves at an early age then for sure they will become confident, brave and will embrace story determination to succeed. Lets give RCYC the chance to educate our young generations to propel us to vast knowledge of success.

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