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Ate Auring

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 Now And Then

By Fr. Rey Villanoy





My memory of Ate Auring (Aurelia Ocampo Calara), a great cooking connoisseur in her own right, was triggered when we were treated to a Ate AuringMongolian dinner by Tita Cora Ortiz of San Antonio Resort one humid evening last week.


By “we” I mean a small group of priests. It should have been a Misuno treat had it not been for the passing of Ate Auring few years ago.

There was still the Misuno grill alright—which was on the poolside—but Ate Auring the “Misuno Lady” was no longer around.

Oh, how she would skillfully perform the greasing, sautéing, frying, greasing and mixing of all the ingredients of a perfect Misuno dish.

The performance was of course in an almost perfect order and precise timing until its completion. The consumption is another thing, which is best done with chopsticks.

But don’t worry, Ate Auring, while the preparation of Mongolian is less complicated than Misuno, almost all the side dishes of the latter were there like the tempura and sweet, spicy and crispy dilis. Also, the main ingredients were there with the absence of fresh eggs.

Wait, were the oysters there, too?

Incidentally, the memory of this chef of many persuasions (I also miss her version of the apple pie, among others, especially now that Christmas is near) has also been occasioned by the coming celebration of the All Souls Day, an opportune time to remember our beloved departed.

Ate Auring, you will again be remembered and as always, with a prayer for your eternal rest.


This article was published in TCT Issue #1, October 20 - 26, 2014.

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