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3 city businesses break ‘no plastic’ rule

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By Ralph John Mijares


ROXAS CITY—Pictures of three business establishments here violating the no-plastic ordinance recently reached a city councilor.

Councilor Powell del Rosario said that based on the pictures and information he received, the Hughes Street and San Roque Extension branches of Mercury Drug and the Robinsons Department Store inside Robinsons Place Roxas have violated the ordinance.

“Ngaman ang mga local establishments or stalls naga sunod sa ordinansa kag ang mga stores owned by national companies nagapasaway,” Del Rosario asked during the city council session Tuesday.


Authored by Del Rosario, said ordinance is now being implemented everyday and has since been gradually implemented on certain days of a week year by year since 2011.

As per ordinance, it is prohibited to sell or purchase plastic bags for packaging of dry goods, as secondary packaging for wet goods, and use of styro foam and styropor as containers for food products. But the use of plastic as the primary packaging for wet goods is allowed.

According to Del Rosario, the City Licensing Division will have or already have given a notice of violation and demand to comply to the said establishments as he was giving his privilege speech.

Mercury Drug McKinley Branch Manager Ruth Limosnero said that she and three other branch managers in the city wrote a letter to Mayor Angel Alan Celino requesting the four branches of Mercury Drug to be allowed to consume the remaining biodegradable plastic bags used in dispensing medicine and other merchandise in January this year.

However, they use paper bags every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

For their part, Melanie Melgar, Mercury Drug Hughes Street branch manager, said that they only use plastic based on “customer demand.”

Some customers said that they will make alibis once the drugstore gets caught violating the ordinance.

Melgar said that they will explain to customers about the strict implementation of the no plastic ordinance.

She stressed that their branch uses paper bags, boxes, and eco bags most of the time. Mercury Drug also has branches in Roxas Avenue and San Roque Extension in the city.

Robinsons Place Roxas could not be contacted yet, as of this writing.

Del Rosario said that since the city government does not have enough manpower to monitor for such violations, he encouraged the public to be watchful.

He also said that a big establishment at Roxas Avenue that will open soon plans to use plastic as packaging.

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