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September 2 - 8 (3)

Make city the logistics hub, local businesses push


Successful entrepreneurs are behind “all the way” to the efforts of Interior Secretary Mar Roxas ll to establish Roxas City as the “Logistics Hub for Northern Panay” and promote it and the whole Province of Capiz as “preferred investment destination.”


Roxas, who met with the local businessmen last December 2012, noted that many multinational companies (of consumer goods) are locating their warehouses and depots in Capiz.


Northern Panay has a combined population of about 1.5 million and is composed of the provinces of Capiz and Aklan and northern parts of Iloilo and Antique.


Danilo So Chan, chair of the Capiz Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council ( MSMEDC), is closely working with the local business sector led by the Capiz Halaran Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Roxas City Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry to achieve Secretary Roxas’ latest vision for Capiz.


So Chan signed a Letter of Commitment dated March 7, 2013 with Roxas City Mayor Angel Alan B. Celino and Capiz Gov. Victor Tanco Sr. geared towards ensuring a vibrant economy in Northern Panay and the realization of the logistic hub in Northern Panay with Roxas City as the center.


The Letter of Commitment states that Roxas City plays an important role in the logistics of northern Panay and that cooperation among governments and private parties is a prerequisite to achieve this.


It said a logistics hub can create an important impulse for the economic development, improving the living standards and the environmental conditions for Panay Island.


Towards this end, Mayor Celino said he is intensifying efforts in the area of peace and order, infrastructure (like having good roads) and providing incentives to would-be investors.


So Chan, meanwhile, said that in order to create a coherent framework on March 1 2013, the three parties developed the first Masterplan on logistic development with a vision, goal and private projects.


He said that within the framework of this cooperation, a number of projects and activities canbe developed as part of the Masterplan on logistic development.


The three partners agree to cooperate in logistic development on aviation, land transport and maritime.


Source: Gerry T. Pagharion

Cop faces admin raps for minor’s suicide

Monday, 02 September 2013 00:00

Cop faces admin raps for minor’s suicide

By Jose Arsenio Quinzon


IVISAN, CAPIZ—A police officer here is under restricted custody by the Ivisan Police Station allegedly after a minor detainee committed suicide using the cop’s service firearm Aug. 28.


According to Police Officer 2 John Cordovero, he found out that he lost his firearm when he was about to go home around 8 a.m. of Aug. 28.


Cordovero told investigators that he could recall how he lost his gun; but claimed he had left the gun on a table near the minor’s detention cell. Few hours later, the policemen on duty were shocked to hear gunfire and saw the detained minor.


The minor was arrested Aug. 25 after allegedly putting up a fire on the house owned by his aunt.


Upon his arrest, he claimed that he is 15 years old but his relatives said he is of legal age.


His family claims that he was suffering from a nervous breakdown.


Cordovero is being under restricted custody of Ivisan Police. He is not permitted to go out of the police station while the Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) and Capiz Police Provincial Office (CPPO) are still conducting investigation.


SOCO recovered Cordovero’s .9 mm pistol and they have immediately autopsied the victim’s body.


Police Insp. Bryant Faller, Ivisan police chief assured that the result of Investigation and Detective Management Branch of CPPO and SOCO will be fair and balance to clear the circulating rumors of whitewash.


According to CPPO, the investigation results will be out on Sept. 3. Cordovero is facing administrative charges for serious neglect of duty for losing his service firearm.

Cuartero given a third of Castro's fund

Monday, 02 September 2013 00:00

Cuartero given a third of Castro's fund

By Edalyn B. Acta


The town of Cuartero, Capiz is getting the bulk of funds allocated by Second District Congressman Fredenil Castro to finance various projects, mainly infrastructure and electricity.


“Today, I want you to know that I have a program to alleviate your plight, one of which is to energize your barangays,” Castro told the Cuartero residents. He recalled that Brgy. Malagab-i in Cuartero did not have electricity back then.


“I am here so you can feel my presence,” Castro said, noting that Cuartero had given him the least support in the last election.


While he got a margin of some 4,000 votes in Ivisan and Sapian, Cuartero had given him only a margin of 2,000 votes in the last election.


Castro stressed that the projects he is bringing to Cuartero were made possible through the prodding of Mayor Tito Mayo and Vie Mayor Roger Flores. Cuartero’s fund allocation for projects amounted to a total of P8,414.612.83


Of the P24,092,737.90 allocation he had intended for the second district, Castro said, one third of the amount is allocated for Cuartero.


Through his “Gugma ni Castro” slogan, the congressman said he wants to bring light and happiness to every household of the second district, particularly in Cuartero.