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September 9 - 15 (3)

Capiz Clergy, Lay Protest: Scrap pork!

Monday, 09 September 2013 00:00

Lay Protest


Capiz Clergy, Lay Protest: Scrap pork!

By Jose Arsenio Quinzon


ROXAS CITY—Even the bad weather and slight drizzle yesterday afternoon, September 11, did nothing to stop the horde of picketing Capizeños against the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or generically known Pork Barrel.


Headed by the priests of the Archdiocese of Capiz, Over 5, 000 people, majority were nuns, seminarians, students and lay faithful, gather yesterday in Roxas City Bandstand for a mass after a parade from different mission stations and chapels around the city.


In his homily, Rev. Fr. Ronnie Bañas called Pork Barrel as “a terrorism act” of the politicians because it causes hunger and poverty among the impoverished majority of the population.


“Integrity must be back in the government,” Bañas said, “officials must be honorable and must live honorably.”


According to Msgr. Vicente Hilata, Archdiocese of Capiz Vicar General, yesterday’s event was successful and well attended by the people. He said the prayer rally was in line with the call of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, and the EDSA Tayo movement in Manila.


“We are happy that this event happened, and this really is the sentiments of Capiz,” he said.


They also protested against the Reproductive Health Law (RH Law). “The church will never be quiet against RH Law in defense of family and life,” he said.


Members of the Western Visayas Ecumenical Council, Iglesia Filipina Independiente, Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches and United Church of Christ in the Philippines also attended the event.


Hilata said that as long as the government does not abolish PDAF, “there will still be other protests” in the upcoming days.


He added that the church will monitor the developments in the investigation of the PDAF scam and Janet Lim-Napoles and will remain vigilant in these issues.


“This is the call of the people; I hope [the officials] will have the listening hearts,” he said.


New Roxas City PNP Chief vows reforms

Monday, 09 September 2013 00:00

New Roxas City PNP Chief vows reforms

By Jose Arsenio Quinzon


ROXAS CITY—The new police chief of this capital city vows to implement ‘iron fist’ and reforms upon the ranks of Roxas City Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel.


On his first day of office, September 9, Officer-in-charge Police Supt. Julio Gustilo Jr, faced the local media here and spoke of his three-point agenda and reforms he plans for the city police.


Gustilo said his priorities are Crime Prevention, Solution, and Suppression.


To prevent crimes, he said he will deploy more personnel in strategic locations and will request the city government to install more closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras along the city proper and require the installation of it in business establishments. He also plans to establish the first Explosive Operatives Division (EOD) of Roxas PNP.


“We will conduct EOD and K9 trainings,” he said.


Gustilo said that in his term, he will also focus on the unsolved cases and arrest the most wanted persons in Roxas City. “We will give justice to them,” he said.


He will also intensify operations and surveillance to arrest big time drug lords and syndicates operating in the city. “We will catch drug big fishes, not just the small ones,” he said.


During the previous months, Roxas PNP had apprehended big time drug operators and drug dens within the city.


For Gustilo, Roxas City is a booming city, that is why, he sees that petty crimes such as hold-up incidents and snatching, illegal gambling and illegal drugs are proliferating. “We will do our best for the people expect our job (sic),” he said.


In 2011, Roxas City was cited as Region Six’s Best City Police Station because of its "outstanding transformation initiatives and performance in police administration and operation in line with PNP's Integrated Transformation Program” during the 110th Police service Anniversary Celebration at Camp Martin Delgado, Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City.


Before his assignment in this city, Gustilo served as the Chief of Police of the towns of Pres. Roxas, and Dumarao in Capiz, and Dueñas, Sara and Barotac Nuevo in Iloilo, and in Boracay; Deputy Provincial Director of Antique, and Guimaras; Intelligence Officer of PNP 6 Regional Office and Iloilo Police Station; Deputy of Aviation Security Group in Iloilo; Deputy Regional Chief of PNP 6; and United Nations Peace Keeper in Timor Leste.


He assumed office after the previous OIC Roxas City Chief Police Supt. Orlando Colisao was relieved of duty for EOD training.


Gustilo reminded his personnel “Gawin ang tama at may gantimpala, gawin niyo ang mali at may paglalagyan ka,” he said.

Vet sees Roxas City abattoir dilapidated

Monday, 09 September 2013 00:00

Vet sees Roxas City abattoir dilapidated

By Jose Arsenio Quinzon


ROXAS City –– “Dilapidated” is how City Veterinary Officer Dr. Roberto Dante Corros described the Roxas City Slaughter House in Brgy Dinginan here.


According to Corros in a press conference, if the budget does not permit a construction of a new slaughter house, then the city needs to provide “a roof and building rehabilitation, water resupplying and retraining of slaughter house employees.”


He said that to reconstruct the slaughter house, the city must allocate at least one million pesos and it will reach from two to three years.


But he said that the City Veterinary Office (CVO) has a surplus budget of Php1.3 million from the slaughter house’s collection from tenants (to editors: ang mga nagakatay sa slaughter house nga naga bayad rent kada magpakatay) and savings.


Since July this year, the local media had been keen in the operation and sanitation of the slaughter house. Corros admitted that the slaughter house is not accredited by the National Meat Inspection Service.


“For my own standard, it is not clean,” he said.


Corros cited that the butchers in the slaughter house prefer to clean the meat in the floor rather than to clean it on the table or while hanging – which was the standard and sanitary way.


“Nasanay na ang mga matador nga nagatuwad samtang nagalimpyo (Butchers prefer to bend over while cleaning the meat),” he said, and “it is not [that] easy to change” this habit “as [if just] lifting the carcass from the floor to the table.”


Corros also admitted that the butchers use water from the shallow well nearby the slaughter house instead of water from the faucet. He said the water supply is up only from 10 pm until 4 in the morning but Mayor Angel Alan Celino has already talked with the Metro Roxas Water District to extend the time of the water supply and to do other measures to solve the problem.


Because of some leakage, Corros said that for the meantime, he let the water line of the slaughter house cut because the water bill already reached P32, 000 during the previous month.


Meanwhile, Corros advised the public to be extra careful when buying meat in the public market.


“[Consumers must] be proactive when buying, look for the mark on the meat and the proof of inspection,” Corros said.


He added that the consumers must clean and cook the meat well to avoid diseases and do not patronize home slaughtered meat because it may be ‘double dead’ or ‘hot meat’.


Eating uncertified meat, according to Corros, may cause intestinal and respiratory problems, and skin allergies, among others.


In previous years, CVO had apprehended hot meats and home slaughtered meats from vendors.


CVO had penalized the violators with monetary penalties and their products were confiscated and condemned according to Corros.

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