Friday, 28th February 2020


‘Fair’ trike franchise grants urged

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By Ralph John Mijares


“PAANO MAN ya ang wala contact sa gubyerno? (How about those who have no connections in the government).”

Concerned about the fairness on the process of distributing franchises a certain Mr. Detablan during a recent public hearing for a proposed ordinance on granting franchises to 500 colorum tricycles.

Councilor Powell Del Rosario raised Detablan’s concern in the city council session on Sept 23.

Dissatisfied with how Detablan's inquiry was answered during the public hearing, Del Rosario grilled Councilor Jose Agdalipe, the proponent of the proposed ordinance for granting franchises to 500 colorum tricycles.

Agdalipe cited the city's Tricycle Franchise and Regulatory Unit (TFRU) head Mariano Layno answer during the public hearing that the documents of applicants are being processed well.

Layno told The Capiz Times that he will only follow orders from the city government and do his job “fairly.”

Still not contented with Agdalipe's answer, Del Rosario asked a “hypothetical” question on the possibility of Layno prioritizing his friends in the application of franchises.

Agdalipe found Del Rosario's question as an “unfair presumption.”

Del Rosario stressed that he is just taking “precautionary” measures as he questioned about the transparency and technicalities regarding the distribution of franchises and he is amenable with Agdalipe’s intent.

Del Rosario said that the proposed ordinance was in the second reading, contrary to Agdalipe’s claim that it is in the third reading.

Also, Del Rosario noticed that the title of the proposed ordinance tackles two subjects at once: the amendment to Section 1 of Ordinance No. 030-2001 to add 500 more franchises and the grant of the additional franchises.

After discussion among city councilors including Agdalipe, the proponent of the ordinance decided to re-calendar his agendum.

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