Tuesday, 20th February 2018


‘Transport sector shouldering terminal loan’ -Hugpong

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By Ralph John Mijares


ROXAS CITY— A representative for the transport sector said that terminal fees at the integrated terminal here should be reduced because he claims they are shouldering the loan incurred to build the terminal.

“Ang transport sector ang nagbabayad ng inutang ng siyudad,” Jobert Carandang of Hugpong Transport Capiz said.

Carandang said that City Councilor Jose Agdalipe should know that the integrated terminal is an ongoing concern; it will continue earning income in the future.

Thus, he is asking the councilor to reconsider.

Agdalipe’s committee on public utilities rejected the transport group’s request because it was filed prematurely due to the new terminal operating about a month and consultations held with the transport sector.


According to Carandang, drivers have no other choice to dispatch despite having a few passengers onboard because of a time limit imposed by the respective associations.

Despite operators participating in the city government’s consultations prior to the terminal’s construction, their concerns were unheard, he added.

“Sila pa rin ang nasusunod,” Carandang said.

Some public utility vehicle drivers revealed that those who are going to ply their routes must either be raffled or change turns everyday (those who get the first trip today will start second tomorrow and so forth).

Alfredo Villa, 47, a jeepney driver-operator plying Jamindan–Roxas City route and vice versa, said that he only gets to make one to two trips a day and has “inconsistent” income.

City Economic Affairs Consultant Carmen Andrade said that there is no guarantee that terminal fees will be decreased soon because the city has to pay off the loan.

“The next administrations might be the ones who will decide on that,” she said.

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