Tuesday, 22nd August 2017


An Indispensable Happiness

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Megs Lunn


By Megs Lunn




“Happy people are those people who starts investing time, love and patience on others; the unhappy are still wondering how the worlds going to make them happy.”


When you know you are happy, you feel at peace. But if your life is in disarray because you have so many things to attend to and accomplish, and because you have deadlines to meet, you feel stressed.

Spreading yourself thinly is quiet challenging if you are the kind of person to have the skills of making it all happen. But when you are just spreading yourself thinly because you want power, fame and you have a personal interest, then I am sure you are not at peace.

When a person has too many actions happening around him, they lose focus and output is mediocre. Long time ago, I tried to spread myself thinly for stuff that I am pressured, if not forced to do and because I have to. Then I learned to prioritize things that I love to do and I am happy with the result.

The energy that you gain when you do things that you feel happy to do is different compared to things that you do because you are pressured and it is a must or you are paid to live to do it. You owe someone that is has to be done, too.

When you live to do things without pressure and force, it has an amazing result. Things need to be done slowly but surelyand when you have the skills to do it fast enough but with good results. No matter how simple, short and small.

Some things you need to respond right away and a need to deliver output because you know how important it is to you and how happy you are within yourself of doing it.

Think of the things when you are happier because you love the things you are doing and the results were entirely amazing. Think of the things where you are not focused on something and getting those loose ends. Think of the things you are more energized and inspired to do and stay in that status and see how it affects you and your surroundings’.

Think of the happiest moment, no matter how small and simple it was where you can better work and get positive results.

Appreciating the simple things in life, what is in front of you now and what is happening now are the basic to happiness. The aura of a person who does things because he is happy to do it is far different from a person who does things because he is pressured to do it.

Perhaps there are reasons why he has to do it. Some people do things because they live to survive or have to survive to live.

In whatever state you are now, think if what you are doing gives you happiness or at least makes you smile. You can also dothings the way where you appreciate what you do and therefore are happy and contented at the end of the day.

Love the things you do. When you wake up in the morning, welcome the day and appreciate life itself that you have awakened once again. Think that it is another opportunity for you to be good and do well.


“The secret to enjoying work and life is, now!”—Spencer Johnson.

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