Tuesday, 20th February 2018


Epic devastation

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No amount of calamity or disaster or catastrophe—other call it “devastation of epic proportions”—can make us change our ways.

In recent days, we have witnessed how this calamity has, according to one contributor of this paper, “brought out the beast in us.”

In many instances we have witnessed how Super Typhoon Yolanda made us worse in spirit.

Among others, in Tacloban, which is the hardest hit of all, looting across the urban center have been reported.

Back here in Capiz, we have been told of how certain leaders choose relief beneficiaries to include only their friends and relatives.

We have also learned of some public officials hoarding relief goods and choosing their friends and acquaintances to benefit from the aid which is not even theirs.

Meanwhile, the theft incident in the Capiz provincial capitol involving the property of those wanting to help us is grossly shameful. These Canadians are here to help us recuperate from trauma; but still we make things difficult for them. How gross. How excessively shameful.


While other nationalities flock to these devastated areas, some of us are hardly aware that they are here for assistance—we even take advantage of them.

Seeing all these, it seems like no sentiment is ever inspired in us despite the tragedy we suffered from the calamity.

Where does this utter blindness to suffering come from? Where does this selfcenteredness emanate? No catastrophe of any level can make us consider the welfare of others.

Really, we have been made animals by this “devastation of epic proportion.” Indeed, we have been devastated.

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