Tuesday, 17th October 2017


‘Kapag Barya Ang Inutang’

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Amy Almosa


By Amy Almosa




Investors are very much welcome here in our dear province. They are one of the indexes of development especially if they are doing clean and honest business meaning.

This means they should have no shortchanges; and no candies in lieu of the coins. Since when candies became legal tenders?

Not giving the exact change to the customers or giving candies in lieu of loose coins is practiced by the big businesses here—and sad to say, it has been going on for years even up to now.

Is their profit not enough that they resort to “robbing” customers of the senintimos nga sensilyo?

Many if not all customers who went to these establishments to buy their needs are prone victims of these (monkey) business practices. They are the new breed of investors, robbing the consumers of the measly coins, which others just don’t mind as it is only senintimos so their case is what I call robbery withconsent, not thinking that it will accumulate into hundreds? thousands? You do the math.

Think about it, Capizmanwa, are they (investors) doing it deliberately? Why don’t they prepare or order loose coins from the Central Bank as they are a necessity to the business. Ironically the central bank is just a few meters away from them.

Well, if this is so, then we can say, complacency is their business.

Capizmanwa, all of us—rich and poor alike—are duly taxed via value-added tax. But with this sadly rampant business practices here in the city and around the province, we are even shortchanged.

Does it mean to say—ang gapila sa kaha wala gid kawala, hunos gid ang sentimos? Poor Juan de la Cruz.

Once again, this is Amy, saying, what some businessmen ever so profess publicly—“Be honest even if others are not; be honest even if others cannot; and be honest even if others will not (sic)—kag please! Ihatag ang exact nga sensilyo.

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