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Christian AcevedoBy Christian Acevedo



Facebook and Twitter are very user-friendly, which is why billions of people around the world are staying hooked to these social networking sites every second, every minute, every day. They’re very easy to use. Just log on, type your thoughts, hit post or share and everyone gets to read it!


Depending on how big your following is, thousands of people will instantly see it. The Library of Congress actually files every tweet you make, while your Facebook posts are actually cataloged into the Open Graph Search.


There’s no doubt that social media is today’s leading platform of communication. With that, if someone posts something on his profile and you’re an influencer or leader, don’t be surprised if your friends and followers will like, share and comment as much as they stay hooked up to your blog posts, magazine columns, newsletters or books.


In fact, social media posts are taken even MORE seriously because people are more personal on social media. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a best seller. If you’re arrogant and bossy and your posts show your attitude, you’re bound to getting your reputation destroyed. As much as the wireless telephone revolutionized the long distance communication in the average home, and the smartphone changed the way we communicate today, social media has also innovated the way we deal with people and it’s made this world a lot smaller.


That’s why, it pays to be very careful about every phrase that you post and every word that you choose. NEVER ever use social media to intimidate people or to lash at others. And watch the words you use. If you’re a leader, 'ALWAYS and NEVER' are two words that mean a lot to your readers because they can mislead people and damage your reputation.


So if you have 5000 followers on Facebook, it means that you have a considerable influence and authority because they give a damn on following you.


That’s why use your social media profiles wisely.


Watch your words. Be cautious of the thoughts that you want to share with others. Never get into useless arguments.


If you think that you’ve just posted something that you’ll surely regret later, than delete it NOW. We’re only humans and human as we are, mistakes could happen all the time. But please, post wisely. Your followers and friends are looking to you, so prove you’re worth following.

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