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Christian AcevedoBy Christian Acevedo


I have been reading about financial planning a lot lately because I really think that now is the best time to kick-start saving and investing for my future. I found Retire on Less Than You Think (revised edition, 2004) book at a second-hand bookstore and I readily grabbed it! This book is actually an outgrowth of the author’s column in the New York Times.

A lot of us would often ask ourselves this question: “Can we really afford to retire?” On this central question there is an vital question exists the incompatibility of everyday reality with how it really takes to live in retirement and how much money financial planners, investors, bankers, brokers, etc. tell us we need. Sadly, a lot of the press people have accepted the inflated projections given by self-proclaimed financial industry experts. This misinformation has created a lot of needless worry for many people, sometimes causing them delay retire. This book serves as “the balance to these selfserving projections and help people realize that retirement, however they’re defined, is not just a dream,” author Fred Brock explains.

With Retire on Less Than You Think, Fred Brock challenged the conventional wisdom on the real cost of retirement. Brock updated his indispensable advice on finding streams, working during retirement, maximizing health insurance, and choosing a community to show how to: manage the quicksand of the housing market (still your best asset) pay for the spiralling cost of prescription drugs; discover new cost-cutting savings plan for shifts over time in your financial goals.

Boasting expanded resource lists and worksheets, Retire on Less Than You Think is the best guide available for making your retirement dreams a reality.

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