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Street Names

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Bienvenido Cortes



By Bienvenido Cortes




Luna Novicio Street. Many Capiznons knew that there is a street in Roxas City named Luna Novicio which intersects McKinley, Magallanes, Legaspi and Burgos Streets.


But do they know who was it named after?

It was named after Dr. Jose Luna y Novicio. He is the brother of the famous Filipino general, Antonio and artist, Juan.

Jose Luna y Novicio was born in 1861 in Manila, finished medicine at the University of Santo Tomas and had his own historical adventures as medical officer at the outbreak of Philippine-American War as member of the Malolos Congress, representing Ilocos Norte.

During the American occupation, Luna Novicio served as health offi cer of Manila, and through his enterprising spirit and know-how, was able to put up his own clinic at Magdalena St. in Sta. Cruz.

In 1912, he travelled to Europe to observe modern trends in medicine and hospital management.

At the Malolos Congress, he was a member of the committee which drafted the constitution.

He was also a faculty member of the government-owned Universidad Scientifico-Literaria de Pilipinas during the first Philippine Republic.

Source: UST Alumni Roundup, July–August 1982.

Capricho 1 & Capricho 2. The Diccionario Encyclopedico Ilustrado by Jose Alemany, defines capricho as an ‘’idea or proposition.’

How do the two streets in Roxas City—Capricho 1 and Capricho 2 relate to such meanings of idea or proposition?

It might mean caprice in English, which means an abrupt change in feeling, opinion or action due to a whim or fancy. Or “a freak; fantastic notion,” according to Webster Collegiate Dictionary.

I feel that as a concerned citizen of the City the street names of these two streets should be changed because, in my personal opinion they are meaningless.

There are illustrious and prominent Capiznons in this City and Province to whom these two Streets can be duly named.

The Roxas City’s Historical, Cultural and Education Committee formerly headed by the late Mrs. Ofelia Rendon must pool their heads together to decide and properly rename our said streets.

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