Tuesday, 17th October 2017


United Sikhs: A Ray of Light

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Amy Almosa


By Amy Almosa




A ray of light idea came to mind when Mr. Rishiwant Singh Radhewa, a member the United Sikhs, told me that he dreamed of owning a lighthouse. In response, I told him I would give my light and put it in his house so he could have his dream(light) house.

Capizmanwa, each of us can be a lighthouse in our own right, because each of us is made in the image and likeness of God, we have this inner goodness that just needs to be put forth for people to see so they can also be inspired to do the right things in times of adversity.

In their own right, the United Sikhs has been a ray of light to the province of Capiz and an instrument of Divine Providence.

They are just one of the organizations who help our own people rebuild not only their houses destroyed by Yolanda; they are also virtually rebuilding the lives of these people.

Further, the Sikhs are not giving dole-out assistance which is rather a short-term; they are building core shelters which are inclined toward long-term sustainability in the communities. Their actions exemplify the saying: “When you give, give the best!”

I say this with conviction, Capizmanwa, because I have seen their efforts to help alleviate the conditions of the barangay folk in Sitio Lais, Brgy. Binuntucan ,Pontevedra, Capiz. To date, they have already built some 25 concrete houses in said barangay (and counting).

The once-nipa shacks destroyed by Yolanda are now concrete houses—made of hollow blocks and roofed by galvanized iron roofi ng—with better chances of withstanding typhoons and calamities in the future.

Aside from these concrete dwellings they donated, the Sikhs have also given full college scholarships and livelihood trainings for the constituents.

Those barangay folks who helped build the said houses were also paid P270/day. Such a grand gesture that honors and dignifi es the labours of man! They were also given three full square meals daily.

With all these efforts, it is as if Sitio Lais has been rebuilt by the United Sikhs into a one big family.

Once again, this is Amy saying that whatever goodness and kindness you can do, do it now for you will never pass this way again.

God bless Capiz and God bless the United Sikhs. Mabuhay!

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